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Glossary of terms - S
  • Sapore - Flavor
  • Scelto - Selected, in particular for certain late harvest wines as in the Alto Adige province of Trentino-Alto Adige
  • Secco - Dry
  • Solaio - The loft in which the dried grapes for a Passito wine are kept
  • Solfato - Sulphur, an anti-oxidant
  • Spesso - Thick or dense
  • Spessore  - Thickness
  •  Spumante - Literally foaming, a sparkling wine
  • Stravecchio - Very old, said of the most aged Marsalas and some spirits
  • Struttura - Structure, the way a wine is proportioned
  • Super Tuscan - The high-quality wines from Tuscany that were made in defiance of the existing wine legislation. These wines were not accorded DOC or DOCG classification but neither the winemakers nor the marketplace gave a hoot.
  • SuperioreA higher level wine in a given DOC or DOCG classification, for example because of additional aging or more alcohol.
  • Sviluppato- Literally developed, a mature, pleasant wine



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