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Contrary to what one might think, although it only came to prominence in the new millennium, thanks to the commitment and the excellent results obtained by the producer Walter Massa, this white grape variety is a long time in the area of ​​Novi Ligure of Tortona, in the period prefillosserica also embraced the province of Genoa, where he was mainly used as a table grape, and the area between Pavia and Voghera.
Already in 1875 two well-known ampelographers, C. Leardi and PP De Maria, described extensively in the timorasso Treaty "Ampelografia of the Province of Alessandria, and two years after a Rovasenda cites him as" very good white grapes. " The dual purpose of this variety is borne out in the Bulletin ampelographic dedicated to the "cultivation of table grapes in Italy" (1885); Fortunately, after decades in which he had completely lost interest, at least in wine, has come back powerfully to excite the ' attention of growers, especially in Tortona, in particular, in the valleys and Curone Grue, where the surface timorasso has tripled in the past five years. Now it is considered one of the best white grape variety in Piedmont.  

Wine regions

Follows, by region, a list of all DOC and DOCG is allowed where the use of this vine

Piedmont :
 - Tortona hills: a variable percentage (min. 95% with mention of the vine)



Viticulture and winemaking

Environmental and cultural characteristics and needs : it has leaf of medium size, pentagonal or wedge-shaped, lobed or five lobes, with a pronounced teeth on the margins straight or concave / convex. Bunch medium or medium-large, pyramidal, with 2 or 3 wings, medium compact to compact. Berry medium to large spherical or ellipsoidal clusters in more compact, due to the compression skin covered with abundant bloom, thick and large, pale yellowish green with navel apparent. He slightly fleshy pulp and juice rich flavor neutral.
Average production and has regular, abundant vegetation, rather early ages, encouraging the cultivation even in elevated areas.

Diseases and adversity : floral abortion is subject to possible millerandage green , can also be leaking and burn of the bunch. Tolerate quite well the main cryptogams and climate disruption. In some cases it may be attacked by the botrytis , more rarely by late blight . In case of large rainfall may help to attacks of mildew and rot .




Among the most popular synonyms: timoraccio, timuassa, Morasso, timorazza






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