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Red grape variety, whose name derives from the early ripening of the plant in all its stages, from germination to flowering period, maturation dall'invaiatura to the berry. The harvest usually occurs between late August and early September. On the origins of the grape, there are still uncertainties, may be a native of Dalmatia (some authors found the same characteristics in Plavac Mali, Croatia) and imported in Apulia by the Illyrians, other authors consider it more similar to Zinfandel, a native of Hungary and brought in California and Australia, a hypothesis confirmed by recent DNA analysis. There is also a difference, even from the aromatic point of view, including those growing in Gioia del Colle and one cultivated in Manduria. He interchangeably Primaticcio morellone, Uva della Pergola, Primitivo, Uva di Corato, Primitivo di Gioia or Local.


Wine regions

Follows, by region, a list of all DOC is allowed where the use of this vineCilento - 0 to 15%.


Falerno of Massico - 0 to 20%, 85 to 100% (by ​​reference Primitivo)


Gioia del Colle - 50 to 60% (Red), 100% (by ​​reference Primitivo), 0 to 15% (Aleatico)

Primitive Manduria - 100%


Viticulture and winemaking


It has medium leaf, pentagonal, five; cluster medium, long, conical-cylindrical simple, or double-winged, medium compact, medium berry, spheroidal, with medium-thick rind, and blue with plenty of bloom. It prefers medium soil, clay and limestone. Good production, consistent and high quality system of farming is the Apulian tree to 4-5 spurs. It has the characteristic of having fertile shoots that allow a second production, the later (20-30%). Subject to floral abortion in wet years and deep soils, is very resistant to rot and to spring frosts, powdery mildew and downy bear discreetly.








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