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The first written information about this vine was penned by scholar Lorenzo Gatta, who pointed out its early ripening, the large size of its juicy grapes, whose color reminded of deep coral red.

Aosta Valley native vine, known by the "vignerons" as Prié Neblou or rouge, occupies an area of ​​cultivation is not very wide, extending from Aosta Avise, on the right and the left bank of the Dora Baltea, up to an altitude of about 750 meters, often in combination with other varieties. E 'is particularly common in the old vineyards of Saint-Pierre and Aymavilles, but for now there are few vineyards in cultivation.
Its the grape base of Valle d'Aosta DOC Premetta and contributes to the production of other red wines DOC VDA .

Wine regions

Currently it is cultivated in a limited area between Aosta and Avise.


Viticulture and winemaking


The wine made from its grape is very characteristic. The color is deep pink with tendency toward orangey notes, the scent is fine, intense and characteristic, with lightly tannic flavor. Moderate ageing improves the complexity of the aroma and lowers its tannic notes.

The grapes originate Premetta of a very particular wine: the color pink is just loaded with orange hues from an early age, the flavor is unique, comfortable and delicate palate reveals a slight lack of acidity as a good body and strong tannins.
A moderate aging of wine is beneficial to the aromatic complexity and all'ammorbidimento astringecy







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