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Petit Rouge



Together with the Vien de Nus , the indigenous red grape variety most widely grown and the wine-growing area of Valle d'Aosta.
Known by "valdotains" as Pitchou Rodz, Petit rouge occupies an area of ​​cultivation rather wide, stretching from Saint Vincent Avise, on the right and the left bank of the Dora Baltea, up to altitudes of about 750 feet above the sea.



Wine regions

Aosta Valley


Viticulture and winemaking

From ripe grapes of the Petit rouge you get a wine red color purple load when young, tending to garnet with the evolution of aging, the flavor opens up a range of intense vinous notes mixed with cherry, raspberry and other berries , reveals the full flavor and soft corduroy on good body.
A wine to take to full maturity, preferably within two years of collection.







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