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Black grape of French origin, very popular in Bordeaux. Even in Italy, was widely grown until the increase of interest in Cabernet and Merlot, which have significantly reduced their use. Malbec has arrived in Italy around the middle of last century, but only find secure dates in 1881, when Count Provana Collegno (Torino) presented his Malbech ampelographic exposure of Pinerolo. It is currently grown in the Veneto and Friuli, and rarely in other Italian regions. According to some scholars of the vine is often confused with the Malbech of particular clones of Merlot.


Wine regions

Follows, by region, a list of all DOC and DOCG is allowed where the use of this vine.

Rosso di Cerignola - 0 to 15% 


Other regions


Viticulture and winemaking

Environmental and cultural characteristics and needs:

He leaves large, orbicular, entire or lobed; cluster medium or large, pyramid-shaped, winged, medium compact; berry medium to large, spherical, consistent with skin, black-blue with a fair amount of bloom. Productivity is affected by seasonal trends, it easily adapts to both long and short pruning and looks best with farming systems expanded with weak rootstocks. The clay-limestone soils are ideal, compact and dry.

Diseases and adversity:

In the spring wet, is easily subject to leaking and millerandage less serious; suffer frost, although its ability to bear fruit on shoots reduces secondary damage. E 'sensitive to' powdery mildew , the mildew , the botrytis , the sour rot and to ' peeling .



It has many synonyms: Cahors , Costa Rossa , Pressac , Auxerrais , Balouzat , Côt , Noir Doux , Pied de Perdrix , Pied Rouge , Grifforin , Piperdy , Jacobin , Malbec , Malbeck , Monrame .







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