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Masseretta, also known as Barsaglina Nera, is an indigenous Tuscan grape that takes its name from the city of Massa in the province of Massa Carrara in northernmost Tuscany and is limited in cultivation to this province where the mountains descend almost all the way to the coast. This topology has resulted in some of the most striking vineyards in Italy: a series of terraces hewn into the steep slopes, planted as tightly as possible, often with close to four thousand vines per acre, and worked without tractors. The characteristics of Masseretta make it a likely candidate for the commercial production of red wine and the first vintages have shown that the wine can be aged in oak with highly satisfactory results, giving a certain spicy complexity and sweetness to its fruit. At the moment, Masseretta-based wines are not entitled to appellation recognition and can only be marketed as Tuscan IGT wines.



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