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Malvasia di Sardegna


Of Greek origin, this white grape arrived in Sardinia in the period of Byzantine rule, the thesis espoused by Mameli (1933) and Cettolini (1893-95). Its distribution is restricted to the area of ​​Campidano and the coastal hills of Planagia, but is rather poor in other areas of the island.


Wine regions

Follows, by region, a list of all DOC and DOCG where use is permitted of this vine.

Sardinia :

 - Malvasia di Cagliari - min. 95%
 - Malvasia di Bosa - min. 95%



Viticulture and winemaking

Characteristics and environmental and cultural : it leaves the media, and five lobes orbicular; medium cluster, cylindrical-conical, winged and often pyramidal, semi-sparse due to a slight sag, medium berry, sub-oval, with an average of waxy skin, thin and consistent, with golden yellow skin. Pulp simple or slightly aromatic flavor. He has medium vigor production steady but not high, he prefers farming systems in media expansion with medium-short pruning. It goes well with calcareous and siliceous-hot-arid climates.

Diseases and adversity : he has little tolerance to mildew and withstands the attacks of mildew quite well, can not stand the spring frosts.





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