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Trebbiano Romagnolo


Trebbiano is synonymous with its main Flame, due to a slightly different clone, from amber berries. It 's the most widely grown white grape variety the Emilia Romagna, in particular in the province of Ravenna. It is part of the family of Trebbiano, it is not able to provide special quality to the wine, but it is very productive and pest resistant, so it is still widely used and is present in many doc. The cultivation of Trebbiano Romagnolo reaches 20,000 ha and is second only to the Trebbiano Toscano (60,000 ha).



Wine regions

Follows, by region, a list of all DOC and DOCG is allowed where the use of this vine. 

Emilia Romagna

Bosco Eliceo - blend in

Colli Bolognesi - blend in

Colli di Faenza - alone or in blends

Colli di Rimini - in blends

Colli di Canossa Scandiano and - in blends

Colli Piacentini - blend in

Reno - blend in

Trebbiano di Romagna - alone or in blends


White Capena - blend in

Castelli Romani - blend in

Cerveteri - blend in



Viticulture and winemaking

It has medium leaf, five-lobed; bunch medium to large, conical-pyramidal, compact or semispargolo, winged, medium berry, iron, peel, firm, yellowish-green, rich in bloom.





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