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Fiano Minutolo


This is a variety from Puglia still under investigation. Giorgio Benvenuto has prepared a form on this interesting grape, with the help of Pasquale and Carparelli Mario Tenore, Torrevento company.

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Viticulture and winemaking

White grape, native Pugliese, unproductive and accented with aromatic characteristics. He leaves little penta or lobed, with narrow wings cluster medium, medium to small berries ellipsoid with bloom medium / light, leathery skin color golden yellow with shades of amber. He has medium vigor, a preference for calcareous clay soils, mature around early September. The training method used are typically the back or the Apulian trailing vines, usually with no irrigation planting distance around 2.0 m to 0.80 mx 2.20 m. He wines are pale yellow in color rather than structured, dry and cool with a high alcohol content and a large suite of aromas.  



Synonyms of Fiano Fiano Minutolo are aromatic and Fiano di Puglia not to be confused with the different genotype Fiano di Avellino (according to studies by A. Calò). 


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