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This black grape varieties in the southern part of Sardinia, whose origins probably date from the period of Spanish rule. Its spread has avutao maximum around 700, during the government of Piedmont, under the guidance of the Marquis of Rivarolo. After the scourge of phylloxera, which occurred in the second half of the 800, most growers preferred to plant varieties more productive and less difficult for the tour, which remained fairly present in the province of Cagliari. With the recognition of the Denomination of Origin, in 1979, the ride attracted new interest, especially for its unique expressive possibilities as a dessert wine.  
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Viticulture and winemaking

Environmental and cultural characteristics and needs :

It has medium leaf, five-lobed, sometimes lobed, kidney-shaped, the cluster can be medium to large, cylindrical-conical, pyramidal and often winged, usually semi-sparse, the berry has medium size, is subrotondo or round, with significant skin, black-purple, more or less intense, the pulp is sweet and firm, mild flavor. It prefers limestone-clay soils, deep and cool, dry place, the ideal climate in spring and summer is hot and dry type. Is raised with not much expanded forms and pruning. It has high production, but inconsistent.

Diseases and adversity :

It has good resistance to adverse weather, medium or low tolerance to major fungal diseases.

Follows, by region, a list of all DOC and DOCG where use is permitted of this vine.

Sardinia :

 - Giro di Cagliari - 100%



According to the zones can be called by different names, including Zirone (or group) of Spain, the municipality turned red, turned nigro or nieddu Alzu, Aghina Barja, turned and walked Sardinian red of Spain.


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