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White grape probably originated in Tuscany. The Dalmasso (1937) points out the quote of the fourteenth century novelist Francis grape bags sancolombana that supposed to be the Verdea. In fact, we still find in Tuscany as Columban . The Pier de Crescenzi in 1945 already talked about how Verdea while Soderini mentioned it in 1806. According to local tradition it is said that the Irish saint was St. Columba to spread it. Being ideal for drying in the loft is not uncommon to find in sweet wines even alone. E 'between the varieties recommended in the province of Milan. It is still quite widespread in the province of Pisa and Piacenza.

Wine regions




Viticulture and winemaking


Environmental and cultural characteristics and needs :

It has medium leaf, pentagonal, three-lobed or five-lobed; cluster medium, conical-pyramidal, short and stocky, with one or two wings, not compact, medium berry, subrotondo, peel, lightly covered with bloom, thick and large, green- yellowish. It has abundant and steady production, pruning prefers long but not overly rich, though, or too high, leading to lower production quality.

Diseases and adversity :

The excellent tolerance to the rot of grapes can remain in good condition, both in plan and in fruttai. Good resistance to the other fungal diseases and has poor resistance to drought. E 'sensitive to magnesium deficiency and desiccation of the stem.




Among the best-known synonym Columban white dorée in Italy and Columban Peccioli. 


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