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Barbera sarda


Its origins appear to be common, however in many respects to Barbera Piemonte, is distinguished by the erect shoots, the short stalk of the bunch, the presence of berries from the pulp and a light colored pubescence of the basal leaves of a shoot. In Sardinia, has found its morphological and environmental, but remains an uncommon and secondary grape mainly used in blends for his contribution to acidity.


Wine regions



Other regions


Viticulture and winemaking

Environmental and cultural characteristics and needs : it has medium leaf, pentagonal, five-lobed, medium cluster, pyramid-shaped, winged and compact, small grape and spherical, with plenty of skin covered with bloom, moderately thick, firm and blue-black uniform. The time of germination is very late, as well as flowering and ripening. He has no particular needs of climate and terrain.


Diseases and adversity : he discrete tolerance to climatic and major parasites





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