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Gewurztraminer/Traminer Aromatico



Tramin/ Termeno in Alto Adige claims to be the birthplace of this international grape. Widely used in north-east Italy.Pink-skinned grape variety, from conflicting sources. Goethe, ampelographer German, identified (1876) as originating in the Tyrol Tramin, the current Termeno (Bz). For a Rovasenda (1877) and Galet (1990) was, as red grapes, from Alsace, while the Bronner (1857) has identified the Rhine of wild vines are very similar to this vine.  


Wine regions

Alto Adige


Other regions


Viticulture and winemaking

The leaves are small, pentagonal and round, sometimes lobed five lobes; cluster small, squat, truncated cone, sometimes with 1-2 wings, compact, medium berry, slightly elongated, with thick skin ranging in color from gray to red- brown, pruinose. The flesh has a distinctive aromatic flavor reminiscent of the rose. He has medium vigor and low but steady production.

Follows, by region, a list of all DOC is allowed where the use of this vine

Friuli VG

Karst - 85-100%

Colli Orientali del Friuli - 85-100%

Collio and Collio Gorizia - 85-100%

Friuli Annia - 85-100%

Friuli Aquileia - 85-100%

Friuli Grave - 85-100%

Friuli Isonzo or Isonzo del Friuli - 85-100%

Friuli Latisana - 85-100%



Trentino - 85-100%


Alto Adige

Alto Adige - 0-25% (Blanc), 95-100% (Gewürztraminer), 90-100% (sub Valle Isarco and Val Venosta)



It has many synonyms, as Roter Traminer, Traminer Rosa, Tramin Aromatic, Savagnin Rose (France), Clevener, Roter Nürberger, Livore (Czech Republic), Formentin Rouge (Hungary), Mala Dinka (Bulgaria) and Runza (Croatia). 




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