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Carica l'Asino


White grape variety of possible origins in Liguria. After the reconstruction required because of the destruction of the vineyards caused by phylloxera, the load the donkey came in Piedmont, in particular in the provinces of Alessandria and Novara. The name may derive from the fact that Acqui, because of the steep hills, it was necessary to transport the grapes on a donkey.
Not to be confused with barbera white, native variety from Piedmont cluster much more compact, conical-cylindrical shape and lacks wings. Instead, many similarities with the family of vines Vermentino-pigato. The office's ass "is processed with other varietals, including the courtly, white Barbera, the timorasso and, at times, with the white muscat.


Wine regions




Other regions


Viticulture and winemaking

Environmental and cultural characteristics and needs :

He leaves medium-large, pentagonal and five-lobed; cluster medium, conical-pyramidal, elongated and sometimes winged, sparse, medium-large berries, spheroidal, with a rather thick skin and large, covered with abundant bloom, green-golden yellow . The flesh has no taste. Production has consistently abundant and remarkable vigor, to the detriment of quality. It prefers hilly areas with good exposure and training systems to media expansion with long pruning.

Diseases and adversity :

If not well exposed can suffer from spring frosts and mildew attack. When conditions are ideal, good resistance to major fungal diseases.






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