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Colombana nera



Red grape variety of uncertain origin, are numerous assumptions, including that which is indigenous in Tuscany, or originating in Piacenza (where it is known as Besgnano) or Vogherese, a zone where the Rovasenda in 1877 had identified a, calling still of unknown origin. For Molon (1906) could come from the Monastery of St. Columban in Bobbio. It was once cultivated as table grapes. Tuscany is located in the provinces of Massa and Carrara, and to a lesser extent Pisa, Lucca, Pistoia and Livorno, while in Piacenza, there are three biotypes: the friendly, rustic and white or S. Columb.


Wine regions




Other regions


Viticulture and winemaking


Environmental and cultural characteristics and needs : it has medium leaf, pentagonal, five or eptalobata; bunch medium to large, pyramidal, mostly winged and loose or semispargolo; berry medium or large, ellipsoidal or subrotondo, with waxy skin, thick, red in color with violet, flesh slightly pink, fleshy, rich in sugar juice, neutral taste. He has great fertility and vigorous vegetation, it prefers deep, loose soil, lime, pruning requires long, hilly and excellent exposure.

Diseases and adversity : he suffers the spring frosts and frost in the winters. The thick skin enables it to withstand the attacks of rot and the main cryptogams.






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