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Corinto Nero


The name of the grape makes sense from the fact it is from Greece, but is now common in all the winegrowing areas of Europe. In Greece and Turkey is still widely grown. Mentioned by Gallo in 1595, which incorporates quotations from Pliny, as Navy Black Grape and later described by Molon (1906) as Passerina black. Not to be confused with the other two existing varieties, the pink currants and white currants. In the area of cheese is known as Tarmarina and used for the production of red wine. It has many other synonyms, including raisins, Aiga Passera, Staphina, Patras Currant, Niuriduzzi, sparrow black Kourenti, Passarilla, Marine noir.

Wine regions



Other regions

Viticulture and winemaking

Environmental and cultural characteristics and needs :

Its leaf is medium or small, pentagonal, three-lobed or five-lobed; cluster medium or small, conical, elongated, sometimes provided with one or two wings, sparse, small berry or small, spheroidal to parthenocarpic development for parthenocarpy encouragingly, he has lots of skin abundant bloom, thin and tender, reddish-purple. The flesh has a neutral flavor. Has little effect, but no special needs of land and position.

Diseases and adversity :

It has good tolerance to major fungal diseases and resistant to adverse conditions.

Follows, by region, a list of all DOC and DOCG where use is permitted of this vine

Sicily :

 - Malvasia delle Lipari - 5 to 8%





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