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Blue grape, local of Valla d'Asota, but may also be found in Piemonte. Used as blendings-component where it adds good alcoholic level. Not mentioned in any appellation.

With the exception of a few plants found in the towns of Donnas and Issogne, Crovassa disappeared from the Aosta Valley vineyards. It is difficult to give this vine a reliable source Aosta Valley, as in the past several authors have indicated a more abundant distribution in vineyards adjacent to the Valley Canavese d'Aosta.
Currently there are no vineyards in Crovassa cultivation.


Wine regions

Valla d'Aosta



Other regions


Viticulture and winemaking

The grapes vinified Crovassa give a wine with a light ruby red, little fragrance, taste aspretto subtle and modest alcohol.





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