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Red grapes obtained from Prof. Italo Cosmo crossing Merlot x Raboso Verona. This type of variety can make wines more than ready to Raboso Verona but capable of aging and better organoleptic characteristics than the Merlot. It is cultivated in a very limited area of ​​Conegliano and Pieve di Soligo. 


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Viticulture and winemaking


Environmental and cultural characteristics and needs : leaf has small or medium size, pentagonal and five-lobed, with lobes and edge-profile and lightweight revolute bullous big bunch of cut and long, cylindrical, winged, medium compact, medium berry or small, uniform size , spherical, and has very waxy skin, thick but soft, blue-black. He has a very vigorous and gives the best results in slight hill or plain, with forms of espalier planting density and not too tight.

Diseases and adversity : he has good tolerance to major fungal diseases. Even late harvest because of rain shows no attacks of mildew.




Also known as Incrocio Cosmo 108.  


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