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Foglia Tonda


Red grape variety rediscovered after a century in Chianti. Grown in the Chianti Colli Senesi and in the Chianti Colli Aretini-zone.

There is no reliable information about its origins: In the Rovasenda (1877) claimed to have found him in the vineyards of the Barone Ricasoli Castello di Brolio. Lately is discovering new life to the point of being inserted between the grapes permitted in the province of Siena. Currently it has been used with good results in the doc Orcia, in support of the Sangiovese. In the latter the producer Mannuci Droandi uses it as a blending-component. Gives a full-bodied and sturdy wine. Used only as a blending-component. 


Wine regions




Other regions


Viticulture and winemaking


Environmental and cultural characteristics and needs :

It has medium leaf, orbicular, entire or lobed just mentioned; cluster medium or medium-large, pyramidal, with one or two wings, semi-compact or compact, medium berry, slightly obovoide, with skin covered with abundant bloom, medium consistency markedly and the color blue. It has abundant and steady production.

Diseases and adversity :

It's very resistant to downy mildew and botrytis, medium resistant to powdery mildew.






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