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Blue grape mostly used in the Bosco Eliceo DOC where it can be a varietal-wine, but is mostly used as a blending-component. The grape can also be blended in Lambrusco. Fortana is said to have it's origins from Piacenza or Parma, but others claim it derives from Burgundy, therefore it is also found under the name of Uva d'Oro. Some claim Fortana is the same grape as the Brugnola, which are used as a blending-component in Valtellina DOC.


Wine regions




Other regions

In Valtellina is called Brugnola perhaps for the elliptical shape and the size of the berry that remotely resemble those of the plum.

Viticulture and winemaking

The resulting wine, even ruby is alive in acidity, not much body (up to 10.5 degrees of alcohol), and of limited value.





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