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Autochthonous red grape that takes its name from Mocasina, the area of ​​Lake Garda where it is cultivated. Mentioned by Cato, Pliny and Virgil, then by Cassiodorus, is distinguished from the common Groppello tomentosità apex and underside of the leaf (hence the adjective "Moliner, ie flour, white), and the fact that the cluster is almost never winged. The Bacci compared to the Groppelli Pignole (1556), grapes are grown in the province of Brescia, which runs from Lake Iseo Franciacorta. For the Marzotto (1925) was a Groppello Mocasina subvarietà of Groppellone.  

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Viticulture and winemaking

Environmental and cultural characteristics and needs : It has medium leaf, pentagonal five lobes, three-lobed, small cluster, cylindrical or cylindrical-conical, rarely with a small wing, very compact, medium berry, spherical, slightly flattened, medium textured skin, covered with bloom, blue-black uniform, he sometimes slightly grassy flavor. It prefers loose soil, well exposed, that ensure proper ripening and better defense against attack by botrytis.


Diseases and adversity : it has good tolerance to climatic and major parasites, with the exception of botrytis that is very sensitive, could suffer from a shortage of.



Among the known synonyms: Groppello S. Stefano, Grupel, Grupela black Groppello Moliner and Mocasina.



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