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Ner d'Ala


This blue grape has it's origin in the Valla d'Aosta. It is grown around the towns of Montjovet and Arnad. But also found in very minute quantities in the more central parts of the region. The grape also goes under the name of Gros Vien and Vernassa. It gives a wine of quite intence scents and vinous character and with good structure.

The Ner Wing is still grown in small numbers of fish in the old vineyards of the lower valley, mainly those of Arnad and Montjovet, which is also known as Vernassa or Gros comes, in the center of the valley vine has almost disappeared, though With the exception of the few strains found in the vineyards of Chatillon, Saint-Denis, Nus, Quart and Saint-Christophe.  


Wine regions

Valla d'Aosta 



Viticulture and winemaking

The grapes of Ner Wing originate from a wine red garnet color, intense aroma, vinous, slightly spicy, the palate is dry, soft, well structured. 







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