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This is the intersection Cosmo, a cross between the white and Riesling Italico Verdiso, obtained in the '50s by prof. Italo Cosmo in the Experimental Institute for Viticulture in Conegliano. In the 60 was isolated from that intersection obtained, the current No biotype 103. Italy retains some character ampelographic de Verdiso, for example in the leaf, while the shape of the cluster and the berry reminds Riesling Italico.


Wine regions




Other regions


Viticulture and winemaking


Environmental and cultural characteristics and needs :

It has medium leaf, pentagonal, three-lobed or five-lobed, medium cluster, cylindrical or pyramidal, compact enough, winged, medium berry, rounded shape, with an average of waxy skin, thick and consistent enough, greenish-yellow. He has average production or abundant, according to the type of farming, the limited acidity suggests to harvest slightly earlier.

Diseases and adversity :

Due to the thicker skin of Verdiso, resists better to sour rot, but has no particular capacity for tolerance to fungal diseases or adverse conditions.




Goes also under the name Incrocio Cosmo 103.


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