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Incrocio Manzoni 2.15


As the name implies attributed to this grape, its origins are due to the intervention of Prof. L. Manzoni that got in Conegliano (Treviso) between 1924 and 1930, through artificial insemination of Prosecco x Cabernet Sauvignon. The result, judged worthy of interest, allowed him to be included among the additional varieties of Treviso. Its spread is expected in the new revision in the hills of Conegliano, Vittorio Veneto, Montello.

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Environmental and cultural characteristics and needs : he leaves medium-large, pentagonal, three-lobed, medium cluster, cylindrical-pyramidal, often equipped with a wing, rather tight, medium berry, spheroid-ellipsoidal, with waxy skin, thick skin with a blue-purple uniform. He has a very vigorous and abundant and regular production. It prefers hilly terrain, scarsamene fertile clay. The farming systems are ideal for pruning espalier with long and rich.

Diseases and adversity : he has good resilience to the cold winter, tolerates very well the sour rot , the ' peeling and the moth . He has average susceptibility to downy mildew and botrytis , all discrete tolerance ' powdery mildew and is very sensitive to ' leaf rolling .





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