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Montonico Bianco


The origins of this white grape variety is still unknown. Is described in security bulletin ampelographic of 1875 and remembers a Rovasenda in 1877. For Sannino (1892) is the most important grape in the province of Teramo. And 'present in many regions of central Italy, especially on the Adriatic coast, but is gradually losing importance, while some even mentioned nell'uvaggio doc. Wrongly confused with the white Montonico of Calabria and the Montonico Pinto Rogliano. .


Wine regions

Follows, by region, a list of all DOC and DOCG where use is permitted of this vine.

Calabria :
- Donnici - min. 50%
- Pollino - max. 20% 



Viticulture and winemaking

Environmental and cultural characteristics and needs :

He leaves medium-large, orbicular or pentagonal, five-lobed; cluster large, cylindrical or elongated cylindrical-conical, sometimes bifurcated, semi-tight or tight, medium or medium-large berries, nodular skin waxy, thick and consistent, with the skin frequently mottled yellowish brown. It prefers dry, hilly terrain and well exposed. It is suitable for farming systems expanded with medium-long pruning.

Diseases and adversity :

It resists the cold winter, tolerates downy mildew and powdery mildew. In years when rainfall is particularly the cluster is prone to rot.



It has many synonyms, including mountain or Trebbiano Montanaro, Goat, Grape or racciapoluta Roccipoluta, Ciapparone, Uva kingdom, Uva Fermo, barrels, and Racciapollone Trebbiano Marche


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