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This green grape has it's origins on Sardinia. The grape was close to extinction, when it was saved by a couple of fiery souls in the province of Cagliari. Typical for the wines of this province the grape is made into a fortified wine that may be sweet or dry. Dry table-wines also occurs. The grape can give very nice wines, especially in the hands of good producers, like Villa di Quartu.

And one of the oldest white grape varieties in Sardinia. Its name may derive from the Latin " muscus "from which the slang terms Nuscu, Nascu. Its limited distribution to the hinterland of the port of Karales suggests that he arrived in the island through this port. The wine it produces has a distinctive smell "musky," even better off by any residual sugar (in fact the most common type is as a dessert wine).  


Wine regions


Nasco di Cagliari - pure



Viticulture and winemaking

It has medium leaf, orbicular, five-lobed, medium green, medium cluster, semi-tight or semi-sparse, cylindrical-conical, often with wings, two wings and marked pyramidal; berry medium, round, with thin skin and soft, yellow golden, often with brown speckles and a good presence in bloom. He has medium vigor, but low productivity and little resistance to parasites.





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