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Black grape varieties that you do not know the origins. In Tuscany, that probably would come from, is also known as Jack, just as in Gallura. In the Bulletin ampelographic of 1877 is described for the first time as a variety grown in the province of Sassari. He is currently still in use in the two provinces of Sassari and Nuoro, where it is often assembled and Cannonau Cagnulari to produce table wines.

Wine regions





Viticulture and winemaking


Environmental and cultural characteristics and needs : he leaves medium or medium-large, orbicular, lobed or five-lobed; cluster large, cylindrical-conical, often winged, semi-tight or semi-sparse, large berry and spherical with a thick skin and large, black-purple. The time of germination is delayed, while flowering and maturity is medium. It has abundant and steady production, forms of preferred breeding medium expansion and pruning. The soils are most suitable for clay but not humid.

Diseases and adversity : he has high tolerance to mildew and rot , more limited to ' powdery mildew , is resistant to bad weather.





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