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Pelaverga Piccolo


One of the red grapes that can be defined with certainty as indigenous, though the ancient origins are still uncertain. Its location is very limited, it involves the area of ​​the town of Verduno Roddi and the municipalities of La Morra, in the province of Cuneo, in the territory of the Langhe. For a long time neglected, have found renewed interest from some local growers around the 70s. Not to be confused with Pelaverga, dall'acino largest and most other features that set it apart, but located in Saluzzo. It has recently been planted for experimental purposes and study in the Grinzane Cavour.


Wine regions

Follows, by region, a list of all DOC and DOCG where use is permitted of this vine and a selection of producers who use it in one of their wines.

Piedmont :

- Verduno Pelaverga - min. 85%


Viticulture and winemaking


Environmental and cultural characteristics and needs : he leaves medium-large, pentagonal, three-lobed or more rarely five-lobed; bunch medium to large, conical or elongated pyramid, with one or more wings, one long stalk, partly sparse (especially in the proximal ), peduncle long, lignified in the first section, the color green tinged with pink, berry medium-small, spherical to ellipsoidal to short, with plenty of skin covered with bloom, blue-purple with shades of gray due to the presence of bloom, has pulp has a pleasant taste. Production is high-but on and off. It prefers farming systems in the counter mixed with pruning, dry and hilly land with good exposure.

Diseases and adversity : it is slightly sensitive to magnesium deficiency, while the grape is afraid of sunburn, and has good tolerance to adverse weather and pests, being a late ripening grape (on average in the first decade of October), easily enough to escape late frosts and cold spells.







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