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Dark blue grape with thick skin found in the province of Latina in Latium. Not mentioned in any of the areas appellations.  Variety of ancient origins, from which they produced probably the famous Cecubo, repeatedly praised by Horace. A version of this wine is still made today by famed producer Villa Matilde.

As quoted by Drao (1934), was grown in the foothills and hills of the town of Fondi (LT). It was described as also from the Italian grape Viala and Vermorel (1909).


Wine regions

Near the town of Frosinone in the Lazio region.


Viticulture and winemaking

Characteristics and environmental and cultural: it leaves a little large, pentagonal, five-lobed; bunch medium to large, cylindrical-conical in shape, sometimes with one or two wings, berry medium to large, sub-rounded shape, thick skin and waxy , black, purple. The grapes come off easily from its pedicel. Prefers forms of media expansion and breeding of pruning.


Diseases and adversity: tolerates very well the powdery mildew, downy mildew enough, but overall average is resistant to all fungal diseases. Sensitive to spring frosts.

As a blending grape Abbuoto can offer depth and colour to a wine. On it's own Abbuoto produces only rustic wines (estate agent talk for rough) capable of some moderate ageing with a max life of about 10 years. The wine is most commonly mixed with Primitivo & Negroamaro. A version of Cecubo is produced by famous Lazio winery Villa Matilde who have "recreated" Cecubo using Primitivo as the main grape and adding a less generous splash of Abbuoto. Terre della Ginestra also make a wine showcasing the potential of Abbuoto called "Il Generale" 



Aboto and Cecubo


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