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Red grape variety that is part of the large family of Aglianico. It has ancient origins, was known in Roman times and was probably brought to Italy by the Greeks, during the colonization of the South. It is not unusual to find it in the vineyards alongside the more famous Aglianico. It is not intended in any discipline but it is recommended among the grapes in Basilicata. It has some synonyms like Aglianicone black bastard Glianicone Aglianico. As the quality of the wine that it gets pushed to prefer to mix it with vines for wines common meal, where makes a good contribution to acidity.
Some newer research says the grape more likely is identical to Tuscany's Ciliegiolo. Aglianicone is not allowed in any DOC, but there exists several varietal-bottlings as IGT.


Wine regions



Other regions

Viticulture and winemaking

Environmental and cultural characteristics and needs: It has medium leaf or medium-large, pentagonal, three-lobed, sometimes five-lobed; bunch medium to large, slightly elongated, conical or cylindrical, simple or winged, compact, medium berry, round, thick skin large, covered with bloom, blue-black. It prefers fertile soils on average, but it fits well in the less gifted.

Diseases and adversity: quite resistant to major fungal diseases, especially powdery mildew. Tolerates the bad weather and spring frosts.





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