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Sicilian green grape with unknown origins, grown in the commune of Siracusa, where it gives a sweet fortified wine.

It is morphologically similar to the Greek white and a probable relationship with the White Albaranzeuli Elbling of Sardinia and the Moselle. After a period of strong decline since the early '900, dell'Albanello cultivation has almost disappeared, although some institutions of the province of Pesaro are working on a restoration project.


Wine regions

Albanello grapes have been cultivated for centuries on Mount Iblea in the province of Ragusa.


Other regions


Viticulture and winemaking

Environmental and cultural characteristics and needs: it has a medium-sized leaf, and five lobes orbicular; cluster average, rather short, cylindrical or truncated conical, straight or winged (1 or 2 short wings) and of medium firmness, medium berry, from iron to ovoid, with very prominent navel, on average, waxy skin, thick and consistent, with skin of yellow-green, golden in the exposed and the simple but distinctive flavor. It has good vigor and productivity average. It prefers the forms of media with pruning espalier, although it also adapts well to pruning.

Diseases and adversity: tolerate quite well the parasites.
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