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Albaranzeuli bianco


White grape variety of probable Spanish origin, which unfortunately do not have bibliographic information. One of the varieties in danger of extinction, in Italy there are still a few vineyards in Sardinia, Oristano and Nuoro, almost always together with other grapes. It is never vinified alone.


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Viticulture and winemaking


 Environmental and cultural characteristics and needs: It has medium leaf, orbicular, five lobes, rarely lobed; cluster medium, semi-tight, conical or cylindrical-conical, sometimes with a wing and pyramid, berry medium, spheroidal, thick skinned and consistent with good coverage of bloom, of a yellowish color with gold flecks, simple flavor. He has average production or abundant. It prefers medium expansion forms of farming with medium or short pruning. The arid and warm climates and soils are predominantly acidic its preferred habitat.

Diseases and adversity: He has average resistance to spring frost and fungal diseases, but is susceptible to rot

In ampelography its is habit described as follows:
The growing tip is open. It is only slightly woolly haired, with a slightly greenish rötlichfarbenem approach. The whitish - pale green young leaves are slightly hairy.
The medium sized leaves are five lobed and deeply sinuate (see also the article leaf shape ). The bay is closed stem overlap. The serrated blade is rough.
The cone-shaped to cylindrical bunch is medium big and loose. The plump berries are medium sized and golden yellow color.
The grape ripens about 30 days after Chasselas and is regarded as late-maturing.
Albaranzeuli Bianco is a variety of noble grapevine ( Vitis vinifera ). It has hermaphrodite flowers and is thus self-fruiting. When wine is the economic disadvantage avoided grow, not revenue-producing male plants need to.



The vine Albaranzeuli Bianco is also known by the name Albaranzèllu, Alvarenzeli, Alvarenzell, Alvaranzeuli Bianco, Laconari Bianca, Bianco and Laconarzu Laconazzu Liconargiu 


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