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Albaranzeuli nero


Its similarity with the Giro suggests that this red grape variety can come from Spain. In Italy is in danger of extinction, it can be found in some areas of Sardinia, as Barbagia Hills Limbara, Ogliastra, the province of Nuoro. It is also called Albarenzelin, Alvaranzeuli, Alvaranzelin. The low sugar content and low acidity make it more suitable for blending with other grapes.


Wine regions



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Viticulture and winemaking

Environmental and cultural characteristics and needs: it has medium leaf, pentagonal and five-lobed, medium cluster, cylindrical, winged and medium compact, the berry has medium size, spherical in shape, with red color with violet hues discharge, the skin is covered with bloom, subtle but significant. No particular problems or needs related to climate or soil type.

Diseases and adversity: tolerate quite well the main parasites and bad weather.

In ampelography is habit described as follows:
The growing tip is open. It is only slightly hairy. The pale green young leaves are nearly hairless.
The large leaves are five lobed and deeply sinuate (see also the article leaf shape ). The stalk-shaped bay is open lyres. The serrated blade is sharp.
The cylinder-shaped bunch is large and quite dichtbeerig. The plump berries are medium size and of a reddish-violet color.
The grape ripens about 30 days after the Chasselas grapes and thus belongs to the middle third of the maturation period (see the section in the article grape). It is thus regarded as late-maturing.
Albaranzeuli Nero is a variety of noble grapevine ( Vitis vinifera ). It has hermaphrodite flowers and is thus self-fertilizers. When wine is avoided, the economic disadvantage of having to grow not revenue-producing male plants.



Albaranzeuli Nero is also known under the name Albaranzeuli nero, nero Albarenzelin, and Alvarenzelin Alvaranzeuli nero nero.


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