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Made in 1938 by Giovanni Dalmasso crossing Nebbiolo and Barbera, in an attempt to merge in a single variety characteristics and qualities of the two varieties of Piedmont. Currently, the prof. Franco Mannino, the Centre for the study and breeding biology of the vine, is conducting experiments dell'Albarossa in various companies, with results worthy of interest. The grape is also known as Cross Dalmasso XV/31.

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Viticulture and winemaking


Environmental and cultural characteristics and needs: It has medium leaf, pentagonal and five-lobed, medium cluster, pyramid, medium compact, winged, small grape, elliptical with abundant bloom, covered with skin, thin but firm, red-violet. It has an abundant production and consistently prefers the hilly terrain of medium texture and well exposed.

Diseases and adversity: quite resistant to major pests and adverse climatic agents.





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