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White grape of uncertain origin, was quoted as early as 1495 by De Crescenzi, then by Trinci (1723) and dall'Acerbi (1825), but also many French ampelographers he supposed the presence of crops in southern France. The fact remains that the Alionza stop in the provinces of Bologna and Modena for a long time, along with other varieties in the famous " trees ".

It 'also known as Uva Slave (in Bologna), probably due to the possible coming from Slavic countries or for the type of pruning the vines, sometimes used as an alternative to the expanded tree. Other synonyms are Aleonza , Glionza , Uva Lonza , Alionga white Bolognese etc..

It is not mentioned in any designation of origin, but is allowed in two provinces where the grapes are grown.



Wine regions



Other regions


Viticulture and winemaking

Diseases and adversity : Tolerates well enough powdery mildew, the botrytis and good resistance to mites and to frost. In particularly difficult vintages may be subject to millerandage sweet.

Environmental and cultural characteristics and needs : It has medium leaf, pentagonal, five-lobed; cluster large, pyramid-shaped elongated, sometimes or rarely with two great wing, medium loose, berries large, spherical, with waxy skin, thick and consistent, with yellow navel clearly visible. It prefers loose soil, hot and hilly, long pruning and regular production.





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