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Barbera bianca


Piedmont white grape varieties, grown mainly in the area between Ovada and Acqui Terme, in particular in the municipalities of Cremolino, Morston and Strevi. Demaria and O Leary (1875) attribute the origin of the name similarity, the shape of the cluster and the berry, black with Barbera. The first mention dates to 1825, by dell'Acerbi that the appointment as a variety grown around Valencia, then it is also mentioned by Rovasenda (1877), by Giudice (1884) and by Molon (1906), describing it as variety grown Oltrepo Pavese. Although it is suitable for farming in Piedmont is almost entirely abandoned. It 'also called Bertolino (Bertulìn) Peisino (a Cassinelle), Martinelli, Lardera White or Langhe, Uva ovata.


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Characteristics and environmental and cultural : it leaves the media, from cuneiform to orbicular, five lobes; cluster medium or medium-large, cylindrical-conical, slightly elongated, with short wings, compact, medium berry, ellipsoidal with waxy skin, thick and consistent, greenish white color, which tends to golden yellow with shades of amber-pink if well exposed to the sun. It has abundant and steady production. It prefers clay and limestone hilly terrain.

Diseases and adversity : highly resistant to frost, has good tolerance to climatic and stand quite well the blight , but is very sensitive to ' powdery mildew , the gray mold and rot of grape in rainy years, and at times may present phenomena millerandage and is subject to phenomena of detachment of berries from the rachis at maturity.





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