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White grape, typical of Lazio, especially in the province of Rome. It has many synonyms including Cacchione , Pampanaro , Bellobuono , Grape Bread , Zinna cow , Archpriest , easy-going . The Grapes fantastic mentioned by Pliny, according to Bacci (1596) might just be the Bellone. In the Bulletin ampelographic of 1881 was described as a vine with grapes from the proportions of the characters but more similar to Bell, a group of vines spread around Rome. Observations also confirmed by Mangarino in 1888 and Mancini in 1893.



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Viticulture and winemaking


Environmental and cultural characteristics and needs : It has large leaves, pentagonal and five-lobed; bunch medium to large, conical-cylindrical, sometimes with a wing, with widely spaced or tightly; berry medium, round with thick, yellowish brown with speckles, with a good presence in bloom. It has high vigor and productivity on average abundant though not constant. It prefers farming systems in rich media expansion and pruning, medium or short. The best soils are deep and light, of volcanic origin, such as the Castelli Romani.

Diseases and adversity : slightly sensitive to mildew and rot .

Follows, by region, a list of all DOC and DOCG is allowed where the use of this vine

Lazio :

- White Capena: 0 to 20%
- Cori: 0 to 30%
- Frascati: 0 to 30%
- Genazzano: 10 to 30%
- Marino: min. 85% with mention of the vine
- Montecompatri Column: 0 to 10%
- Neptune: 30 ÷ 70%, min. 85% with mention of the vine
- Velletri: 0 to 20%
- Zagarolo: 0 to 10%





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