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Fumin is one of the main varieties in the Aosta Valley region of northern Italy.


Wine regions

Mostly found around the town of Arvier. The grape is said to give very fine wines. It is recognized under the Valla d'Aosta DOC as a varietal wine.  


Other regions


Viticulture and winemaking

The grapes mature Fumin alone, may give rise to a long-lived red wine, rich body, to be used for aging, which goes well with the high quality of French oak barrels (barriques). The wine is full of colour, with strong shades malvacea, the flavor is full, intense, slightly herbaceous, and is enriched with the vesting of taste on the palate is dry, austere, with good acidity.

This native vine used to be typical of the Envers wine zone, and derives its name from the smoky notes that characterizes its wine (fumo = smoke, in Italian). The wine color is intense ruby red, with characteristic spicy scent, austere in the mouth, showing good acidity and rich body. The organoleptic qualities of the Fumin improve decidedly with ageing and refinement in the bottle, thus this is definitely a wine which mustn't be drunk young.

Also used in lesser degrees as a blending-component. Gives a light and acidic red wine. Les Cretes is a reputable producer of the Fumin-grape.







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