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Malvasia Bianca di Candia


White grape of the large family of Malvasia. It stands on the other Malvasia di Candia for the lack of aroma in grape. It has various synonyms, including Red Malvasia Candida Malvasia and the Castelli Romani. In 1868, Mendoza and in 1877 they mention as a Rovasenda Malvasia Rossa (for the characteristic color of young shoot). E 'grown mainly in the area of ​​the Castelli Romani, Lazio, but is also found in Lombardy, Umbria, Campania, Tuscany and Abruzzo.


Wine regions

Below is a list of all DOC is allowed where the use of this vine.


Oltrepò Pavese - 85 to 100% (Malvasia), 0 to 15% (blend)


Monteregio di Massa Marittima - 0 to 30%


Colli Martani - 0 to 15%


White Capena - 70 to 90% (along with Long Malvasia Bianca, Trebbiano Toscano, Yellow and Romagnolo)

Castelli Romani - blend in

Cerveteri - 0 to 35%

Circeo - blend in

Colli Albani - max. 60%

Colli della Sabina - blend in

Lanuvini Hills - Max. 70% (and / or Malvasia Puntinata)

Cori - max. 70%

Frascati - max. 70% (and / or Trebbiano Toscano)

Genazzano - 50 ÷ 70%

Marino - max. 60%

Montecompatri Column - max. 70%

Tarquinia - blend in

Velletri - max. 70% (and / or Malvasia Puntinata)

Vignanello - 20 ÷ 40%

Zagarolo - max. 70%


Guard or Sanframondi Guardiolo - 50 ÷ 70%

Solopaca - 20 ÷ 40%


Controguerra - blend in


Viticulture and winemaking

Its leaf is large, pentagonal, five-lobed or more rarely lobed; cluster large, conical, often with two wings, semi-sparse, medium berry, spheroidal, thin skin, but consistent, with little bloom, yellow-gold with possible brown specks in the case of good sun exposure. He has pretty high vigor, good production and constant makes good on hilly terrain and well-exposed, but it also adapts well to clay soils and drought. Tolerates the spring frosts and droughts, might be subject to mildew and esca.





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