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This vine takes its name from the particular shape of the bunch, which is reminiscent of a pine cone (pigna). Introduced in Lombardy during the 16th century, this vine is recommended for use in the production of the Valtellina blend wines, to which it brings color and sapidity.


Wine regions

Valtellina, Lombardy


Viticulture and winemaking


Blue blending-grape in the Valtellina DOC. Earlier mentioned in the appelation-laws here, but now excluded. But allowed used as a blending-component. The producer Tona uses a unusual high percentage of this grape (30%) in their top wine PerlaVilla, which then is only classified as Valtellina rosso (and not superiore which is looked upon as a much better wine here. A superiore must contain 90% chiavennasca). According to Tona the Pignola supplies the PerlaVilla with a distinct minerality




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