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Fiano is a spicy, smoky and crisp white grape grown in the Campania region of southern Italy for centuries. It produces straw-colored wines that smell and taste of honey, ripe pears, and toasted hazelnuts. It’s best wine is the DOCG Fiano di Avellino. Fiano is found in the south of Italy, most notably in Campania and Sicily. The typical aromas and flavors are of pear and apple with notes of honey; the most famous example is Fiano di Avellino. Some versions are aged only in stainless steel, while a few producers pick the grapes late and then barrel age them and a few even make a dessert wine from Fiano.


The Fiano di Avellino takes its name from the variety that the Latins called Vitis Apiana. That was because the vine's grapes were so sweet that they proved irresistible to bees (api). The wine, which was already highly appreciated in the Middle Ages, originated several millennia ago. An order for three "salme" (a measure) of Fiano is entered in the register of Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II. And Charles d'Anjou must have enjoyed the wine, since he had 16,000 Fiano vines planted in the royal vineyards.


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The grapes' sugar content is so high that a virtually sweet sparkling wine is made in the area that has many local admirers, although it has not been possible to market it nationally and internationally. Years of experiment have enabled winemakers to produce a dry Fiano, a wine of great elegance and refinement with an intense odor and a harmonious flavor that features scents of toasted hazelnuts. Perfect as an aperitif, the wine also makes a fine accompaniment for refined dishes based on seafood.

Has  orbicularl eaves, medium-sized, three-lobed or five-lobed, medium or small clusters, tight, pyramidal with a wing rather than built, medium berry, ellipsoid, with tough skin golden yellow, with little bloom. He has good power and gives excellent results in volcanic soils. Ripens between late September and early October.



Has many synonyms including Flower Mendillo , Santa Sofia , Minutola , Fiana or Foiana , Latino White .


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