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This variety was presented at the 1863 Udine Exhibition, and the following year cultivation was started at the breeding center of the Stabilimento Agro-orticolo (Agricultural-Garden Establishment), with vines selected in what was believed to be the original production areas, in the villages of Ramuscello and San Giovanni. The zone of Castelnovo was mentioned as the production area from the variety at the Udine Exhibition of 1921.

Wine regions

A native vine which has trived for centuries on the hills of western Friuli, particularly the areas around Valeriano, Pinzano al Tagliamento and Castelnuovo del Friuli

This native vine is locally known also as Uccellut or Ucielute, but it must not be mistaken with the Oselot and Ucelin varieties, which are cultivated in various parts of the Tre Venezie (Three Venices, or the group of northeasternmost Italian regions: Veneto, Trentino Alto Adige, and Friuli Venezia Giulia) and Piedmont. Not much it is known about the origin of this vine, beside the fact that it is part of the so-called uve uccelline (bird's grapes, Molon, 1906), or grapes which grew at the edge of forests and were eaten by birds (uccello in Italian means bird).


Other regions


Viticulture and winemaking

Ucelùt is an uva uccellina, a vine which grew at the edges of woodland areas and whose fruit was eaten by birds. A dessert wine which is particullary good with plain, mildly flavoured sweets. Serve chilled with a selection of cheeses for an excellent. Ideal when drunk in the company of friends.






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