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White grape, often confused with others, whose origins remain uncertain, the information gathered more or less back to 1825. It is currently distributed mainly in Campania and finds its ideal habitat in the island of Procida, in the area of Campi Flegrei and Sannio, where perhaps it was already cultivated in Roman times. One of the best qualities of this grape is that, regardless of the zone where it is cultivated, the wine made ​​from it preserves intact its organoleptic characteristics.


Wine regions



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Viticulture and winemaking

Its leaf is medium or small, wedge-shaped, rarely orbicular, lobed five-lobed and less often, medium or long cluster of medium size, compact, cylindrical or conical, with a wing short, medium berry, spheroid, smooth, thick skin and large, yellowish-gray, with a good presence in bloom. The vigor is good and the average productivity and constant mature in the second half of September.



 It is also called Fallanghina , Uva Falerna , Biancuzita , Falerno Veronese , Falanghina True .  


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