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Cannonau di Sardegna

The origins and provenance of the Cannonau variety are still not known with absolute certainty but it is generally agreed that it appeared on Sardinia, having been brought from Spain, in the 14th century at the beginning of the period of Spanish domination of the island. Numerous experts argue that Cannonau corresponds from an ampelographical standpoint with the Canonazo of Seville and the Granaxa of Aragon.

Canonau found an ideal habitat on Sardinia and the local growers were so favorable to it that it soon spread to every part of the island. Eventually, it was being grown on about 20 per cent of the island surface planted in vines.

Despite the considerable diffusion of the variety, the amount of Cannonau wine produced is rather limited because of the widespread practice of short-pruning as part of the alberello system of training the vines. That practice drastically curtails output, which in the provinces of Nuoro and Sassari averages about 30 to 40 quintals per hectare as opposed to the more than 100 quintals permitted under the production discipline with normal pruning. Gradually, however, the alberello system is being replaced by the espalier technique, which results in a wine with a lower level of alcohol, one that is perhaps less formidable but is clearly much more drinkable.




DOC (1972)

Area Description
Cultivated throughout the island.

Colour: Red
Description: Different nuances of light red with orange highlights.
Type: Dry still, dry sparkling, fortified
Taste: From dry to abboccato (semi-sweet), sapid and characteristic.
Aroma: Pleasant and characteristic.
Alcohol: 13.5%
Aging: Not to be released until April 1, following the vintage year. At least two years, of which at least six months in wooden barrels for the Riserva denomination. Minimum 10 months for the Liquoroso kind.
Food: Venison, game, poultry red meat barbeque.
Temperature: Serve at 64º - 67º Fahrenheit, 18º - 20º Celsius opening the bottle at least two hours before serving.
Colour: Rosé
Type: Dry still
Alcohol: 13.5%
Temperature: Serve at 64º - 67º Fahrenheit, 18º - 20º Celsius



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