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Pagadebit owes its name (debt-payer) to the characteristics of the variety from which it is principally (85%) made. It is an extremely fertile and productive variety, with tough-skinned grapes that are highly resistant to parasites and adverse climatic conditions. In particularly unfavorable growing seasons, it is often the only vine that succeeds in yielding grapes, which means that the grower counts on its for a minimum output that will at least permit him to pay the debts he has contracted during the year.
The grapes of the variety, which is widely diffused under different names throughout central and southern Italy, were seldom vinified alone since the wine they produced was generally considered heavy and not particularly welcome on the market. In the strip of hills extending from Forl“ to Cesena, Pagadebit was always used in a mixture of grapes to boost the wine's structure and alcohol level. At the beginning of the seventies, it appeared that the wine was destined to extinction but it was revived through the stubborn efforts of a few viticulturists who applied modern techniques in vinifying the grapes. The wine they obtained caught the attention of the market and the demand, as well as the DOC recognition, extended in 1989, has amply rewarded their determination and commitment.


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DOC (1988)

Area Description

Most of Romagna and some areas of Emilia from Rimini to Bologna.


Bombino bianco, 85%; other local white varieties, up to 15%. 


White, Dry
Bertinoro Secco:   White, Dry / White, Sweet
Bertinoro Amabile:   White, Sweet / Frizzante, White, Dry
Bertinoro Secco:   Frizzante, White, Dry / Frizzante, White, Sweet
Bertinoro Amabile:   Frizzante, White, Sweet




Colour: White
Type:Dry still, sweet
Aging: Not to be released before June 1 the year following vintage.
Temperature: Serve at 45º - 49º Fahrenheit, 8º - 10º Celsius.



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