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Piedmont - 1981







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An unexceptional year of only average quality 

Weather Conditions

A cold winter with snow in February. The spring was very variable with mild temperatures but lots of rain. This pattern continued throughout June and July with higher than average temperatures and rainfall with dangerously high humidity. Peronospora was rife throughout the hot, damp and clammy summer, with rot setting in towards the end. September's weather was marked by a slight improvement, and a warm and humid first three weeks of October gave growers a glimmer of hope before a downpour towards the end of the month and even a brief snowstorm during the final week.

Best Appellations
A very difficult vintage for growers. Even with rigorous selection of grapes, it was hard to make decent wines from Nebbiolo grapes. 

Best Producers
Light wines that are long past their best.


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