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Piedmont - 2000






Quality is good to very good in all the major DOC/Gs

Weather Conditions

Unsettled weather with often unseasonal extremes made this a difficult year to manage in the vineyard, but producers who reacted promptly to the vagaries of the weather had cause for satisfaction with the harvest. A warm spring with well distributed rain brought flowering forward and laid the basis for what could have been an abundant crop, but the early promise was complicated first by a cool damp July and then by record high temperatures in August. Hail storms hit the region at the end of the month, causing significant damage especially in the Alba DOCs. The red grape harvest began around 10 September and was all finished, up to ten days early, by 15 October.

Best Appellations

Quantities across the region were uneven. The total crush was down by just under 10% on last year, but the amount of red wine made was almost 20% less than 1999. Quality is good to very good in all the major DOC/Gs. For Moscato it was probably the best vintage in the last ten years. Low yields for Barbera and Nebbiolo resulted in very concentrated musts with high sugar and very good colour and extract, and also good balancing acidity. In Barolo and Barbaresco, although the wines may be in short supply they will be well worth looking for. The style of the vintage looks softer than 1996 and more like the ripe and full-bodied 1997 and 1999.

Best Producers

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