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A Listing Of Tuscan Vintages


1971    ***    drink now     A benchmark vintage in all districts, producing robust and long-lived wines  
1972    *   drink now   An extremely poor vintage (as it was for most of Europe)  
1973    ***   drink now   Another undistinguished year - some fair Brunello and Vino Nobile di Montepulciano  
1974    *   drink now   A less successful vintage than in other major Italian regions  
1975    ****   drink soon   A good vintage for Brunello, Chianti Classico and Vino Nobile  
1976    *   drink now   A generally poor year  
1977    ****   drink now   A much better vintage than elsewhere in Italy  
1978    ****   drink now   A great vintage producing complex, characterful wines  
1979    ****   drink soon   A good, rather than great year with a number of sound and reliable wines  
1980    *   drink now   A moderately good vintage without notable highs or lows  
1981    ***   drink now   A moderately good vintage with few star wines  
1982    ****   drink now   Ripe, flavoursome, well-balanced wines  
1983    ****   drink soon   A good vintage throughout the region  
1984    *   drink now   A very poor vintage with no wines of note  
1985    ****   drink soon   A great vintage, producing rich, ripe, concentrated wines of considerable stature  
1986    ***   drink now   A good year with plenty of very drinkable wines  
1987    ***   drink now   An indifferent vintage of variable quality  
1988    ****   drink soon   One of the great vintages of the decade, with highly-acclaimed wines in all regions  
1989    **   drink now   An indifferent vintage with few worthwhile wines  
1990    *****   drink soon   An outstandingly fine vintage  
1991    ****   drink now   Only a moderately good year thanks to widespread rain at harvest time  
1992    **   drink now   Another vintage spoiled by rain, producing light, dilute wines  
1993    ****   drink soon   An irregular vintage with notable highs and lows  
1994    ****   drink now   A good year for Brunello, Vino Nobile and stylish Chianti Classico  
1995    *****   keep   An excellent vintage with noteworthy wines in all districts. Low quantities though  
1996    *****   keep   Forward, subtle, elegant wines  
1997    *****   keep   An excellent vintage with fruity, well-balanced wines  
1998    ***   drink soon   Rain at harvest time caused some problems. A particularly good year for Brunello.  
1999    ****   keep   A successful and reliable vintage  
2000    ***   keep   good on the coast, in Chianti Classico and Montalcino - v good at Montepulciano  
2001    ****   keep   Powerful reds yielding good Chianti and great Bordeaux-style blends  
2002    **   drink soon   Average quality wines with less concentration and structure than better years.  
2003    ****   keep   Very well-balanced, good quality reds from Chianti and Montepulciano  
2004    ****   keep   Concentrated wines of complexity and length with significant aging potential  
2005    ***   keep   Tough weather conditions often mean that the best producers will have the best results  
2006    *****   keep   Good - not over-the-top - intensity and concentration, excellent balance  
2007    ****   Keep   Very good vintage, bordering on five stars for some appellations.  




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