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A Listing Of Piedmont Vintages


1971   *****   drink now   The second great year in a row, with very fine Barolo and Barbaresco  
1972    *   drink now   A uniformly dreadful vintage   
1973    **   drink now   An indifferent year with few wines of note   
1974    ****   drink now   A good vintage after two disappointing years  
1975    *   drink now   A vintage now best forgotten  
1976    **   drink now   An unremarkable vintage producing few wines suitable for long-term ageing    
1977    *   drink now   Wines were adequate at best  
1978    *****   drink now   An excellent vintage which produced well-structured, long-lived wines  
1979    ***   drink now   A good year of above average quality   
1980    ***   drink now   A sound, rather than exciting, vintage   
1981    **   drink now   An unexceptional year of only average quality  
1982    *****   drink now   A tremendous vintage for big, rich and fruity Barolo and Barbaresco   
1983    **   drink now   A weak vintage producing lightweight, early-maturing wines   
1984    **   drink now   A sub-standard Piedmont vintage  
1985    *****   drink now   A superb vintage with rich, perfumed wines destined for long ageing  
1986    ***   drink now   Serious hail problems in many Barolo communes. Some good wines were still made   
1987    **   drink now   Uneven quality overall  
1988    ****   drink now   October rains were a problem but the wines from this vintage finally turned out well  
1989    *****   drink soon   An excellent vintage, free of the rains which plagued the rest of Italy   
1990    *****   keep   A superb vintage all round with Barolo and Barbaresco set for a long life  
1991    **   drink now   A better vintage than first thought, but not up to the standard of the previous three   
1992    *   drink now   Cold and wet weather at harvest time produced thin, light wines   
1993    **   drink now   A variable vintage of irregular quality. Some good Barolo and Barbaresco  
1994    **   drink now   Prolonged rain caused serious problems - a few producers still made good wines  
1995    **   drink soon   An over-hyped vintage at the time, the wines now seem lacking in fruit  
1996    *****   drink now   A troublesome vintage, the top growers managed to produce some excellent wines  
1997    *****   drink soon   An outstanding vintage which produced superbly ripe wines for mid-term ageing   
1998    *****   keep   The third great vintage in a row  
1999    ***   keep   A decent vintage with a good late ripening season, quality depends on the individual  
2000    ****   Keep    Quality is good to very good in all the major DOC/Gs.  
2001    ****   keep   Lovely, ripe whites with good concentration and reds with excellent aging potential  
2002    **   drink now     An average year, the best will be a relatively elegant style of Barolo and Barbaresco   
2003    ****   keep   Deep, bold reds with high levels of alcohol - the best cases balanced with ripe fruit.  
2004    ****   keep   Well balanced wines with ripe fruit  
2005    **   keep   Climate conditions erratic - a tough and difficult vintage  
2006    *****   keep    The vintage is expected to show a classic, good structure, nice restraint on the fruit  
2007    ****   keep   Lengthy ripening season - well-structured, aromatic wines  

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